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08 November 2013 @ 01:48 pm
.death doesn't have to be a lonely business, masterpost.  

A Person of Interest AU where you can see how Dean Winchester's life went downhill in a year, or, actually, more than ten years ago when his family was taken away from him. He's ready to continue living hiding on the streets, faceless and forgotten as many others; but Castiel Novak finds him, contacts him and offers him a way back to life and, maybe, to himself. for the Dean/Cas Mini&BigBang. around 13,000 words, gen/pre-slash, pg-13.

Warnings include: pre-story character deaths (highlight to read: besides John and Mary, Sam is also dead in this story), violence (not much heavier than what happens in the show), reference to child abuse (none around Dean or Castiel), mentions of suicide/suicidal intentions (yes directed to one of the boys) and reference to drunkenness/almost alcoholism (not more than in the show).
Disclaimer: Supernatural doesn't belong to be, neither does this story's references and quotes to Person of Interest. More Notes at the end.

Corresponding art made by Mistina60 (namidanaoru@lj).

part i.
part ii

also @ AO3